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MONELii is South Africa’s preferred supplier of professional Teleprompter and Autocue services assisting our clients to deliver flawless dialogue, event after event. The return business from our clients such as the President of South Africa, Hollywood Actors, CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies, local and international broadcast and film production facilities, are testimony to our excellent service.

Our equipment consists of:
1. An on-board system which enables the presenter to look straight into camera
2. Presidential set-up for stage events allows the speaker to keep eye contact with the audience
3. LCD Plasma screen in the back of the room or projection onto backdrop for larger display

Our experienced operators have perfected their skill over decades enabling them to operate scripts in various languages, edit on site under pressure and adapt scripts according to requirements.

We offer a complete Autocue / Teleprompter experience with our head office based in
Cape Town. Our services are available in all major cities of South Africa with operators based in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and able to travel to most cities nationally.

We have been offering services for more than two decades; supplying government, private sector, the film, television and broadcasting industries, as well as all kinds of live events. We understand the importance of a flawless delivery and see our operators as an extension of the person reading the script.

We offer a full-service package which includes any teleprompter system of your choice, together with XD cam or DSLR cameras, audio equipment, lighting, tripod and cameramen. We can also provide dialogue coaching and teleprompt training if required.

Teleprompters remove the need to memorise scripts giving the presenter more confidence with the delivery. In addition, it adds value to your production as it greatly reduces your production costs by saving on time on retakes and additional time in the edit suite.

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