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Head Office in Cape Town, our services are available in all major cities of South Africa with operators based in Johannesburg, Durban, and able to travel to most cities nationally.

MONELii is South Africa’s preferred supplier of professional Teleprompter and Autocue services assisting our clients to deliver flawless dialogue, event after event. The return business from our clients such as the President of South Africa, Hollywood Actors, CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies, local, international broadcast and film production facilities, is testimony to our excellent service.

All our systems are mounted on our tripods. Suitable for reading ranges of more than 6 meters. Our software imports scripts directly from PC or Mac and any other programs commonly used for script-writing. Script revisions are easily made on location and within the software.

Our systems can be packaged with options of adding crew, cameras or any additional hardware needed for your project.

MONELii Prompters


Our on-board system, fitted onto our tripod, enables the presenter to look straight into the camera which is mounted onto the teleprompter unit.


Our Freestanding system is mounted onto our tripod and stands independent of the camera. The camera is mounted onto its own tripod and positions behind this system, still achieving a perfect eyeline as with the onboard system. This system is ideal for a locked-off position or if you want to move your camera to another position during the shoot without the teleprompter.


Our Presidential System consists of two stands with teleprompter glass and monitors, ideal for keeping eye contact with the audience to deliver that perfect speech.

Largest Teleprompter In The Country

Size and distance is no longer a problem with our large screen teleprompter. Now you can comfortably read a PowerPoint Presentation or speak to your virtual audience while looking straight into camera. Ideal for Live Streaming, Conferences, Live Events and more. The Big Screen Teleprompter can do it all.

Largest In The Country


Largest Prompter in SA

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